About Brittany Manufacturing

I started this company in 1973. It started out as a part-time job with a few machines I used in the garage. The company started growing to the point where I had to quit my day time job and concentrate all my time and effort into Brittany Trust. This occurred in the year 1982 and the company is still growing after 21 years.

Gander Mountain, Wells Fargo, Target, Byerlys, Lunds, Caterpillar and Minnesota Correctional Institute are a few of the larger companies I have manufactured products for.

My company is diversified in the products it produces with metals.

--Richard Stuckmayer

Client List

Target Stores

Science Museum

Room & Board

Mall of America

United States Military

Wells Fargo

University of Minnesota, Hospital and College

J.C. Penney's


Planters Peanuts


Snapper Lawn Mowers


Winstead Corp.


Old Navy

TGI Fridays