Applying Classroom Rules and Procedures

I have a system for positive and negative reinforcement in my classroom. I prepare the students at the beginning of the semester so there aren’t any excuses for not knowing. It takes a little bit of extra time to prepare the materials needed, but I think it’s worth it.

Part of my system is to acknowledge students. One of my special class rules is to try your best. Whenever students do try their best, I let them know they have done a good job. Sometimes I even stop the class to show all of the students how proud I am of this student.

I also use Brittany money. All of my students love it! They earn money by doing good work, helping others, and consistently following class rules. They can save their money and buy candy from the Brittany store or the school market. It’s usually just candy or some sort of toy, but they size doesn’t matter for them. They just love being able to purchase their prize with the money they’ve earned.

Most of my students’ parents can read English but aren’t confident enough to speak it. This kind of makes me hesitate to make phone calls, but I send progress reports home every Friday. On these reports, there is a special note about the student’s behavior for the week. When a student is especially awesome, I will send their parent a text message.

Even though I only have a few students in each class, I still have to be with-it. There are some students that just clash with others. I have to keep watch because things can turn from good to bad in a short amount of time. My students Brad and Michael always fight for no reason. There have been times where they argued over who said what first. They just like to argue with each other, but it’s distracting for the rest of the class. To prevent any of this from happening, I have to be right there with them. Sometimes I hover over them. I have to consistently keep them on topic to focus on their assignment.

Although my students are in the 6th grade, I do still have a time-out area. I’ve only really used it for two students. The students really don’t like it because of their age. They feel like it’s childish so they try not to end up in the time-out area.

There have been times where I used group contingency. My class really wanted a pizza party. I told them they could have one if they all received excellent scores on their upcoming weekly tests in all subjects. All students earned the required scores, so we had a pizza. Although it is recommended to only use this for extreme bad behaviors, I have found it effective in the years I have been teaching.

I also use a point system for bad behavior. When a student reaches -5 points, they will have detention after lunch for one hour. The points will then go back to zero.

Here’s a flowchart to see how I enact reinforcements:

Teachers’ Day in Korea

So Teachers’ Day was May 15 here in Korea. It wasn’t my first Teacher’s Day but it was much better than any of the others. At my first job, I was thinking about when I was going to leave so I wasn’t worried about Teachers’ Day. At my second job, I was pregnant about to go on maternity leave so I really wasn’t worried about Teachers’ Day. Now I have a clear mind!

Teachers' Day card

So anyway, I got a few goodies… Actually, students aren’t allowed to give too big of gifts i.e. gift certificates, money, blah blah blah. I got a big GIANT bar of candy, some handwritten notes, a flower, and handmade soap. I appreciated all of the gifts I was given because I haven’t been here that long and I didn’t expect anything.

I can't read it, but I'm sure it's sweet :)
I can’t read it, but I’m sure it’s sweet :)

One of the notes was written in Korean, so my coteacher had to translate it for me. It was from a fifth grade girl who is really shy in class. She basically said that she enjoys English class but sometimes she gets nervous that I might pick her to speak (I pick students randomly using their class numbers.). Soooo sweet that she wrote the note!

Given for Teachers' Day.
Given for Teachers’ Day.

That big GIANT bar of chocolate was so yummy! I think it was supposed to be for my coteacher, but she gave it to me so I ate it! LOL.

First flower of the day

Next holiday is coming up pretty soon… I’ll be sure to show y’all all of the good stuff from the next one!

My First Mother’s Day

So this past Sunday was my first Mother’s Day! Of course, Baby is so young that it didn’t matter to him. He gave me a bunch of slobbery kisses :) My sweet hubby gave him some yummy breakfast from McDonald’s and some roses!

Anddd we went to Outback for a late lunch, which is always super yummy! The people there have seen us so much that they offer us free drinks and goodies for baby, and one of the managers serves us… he has excellent english abilities. Anyway, lunch was AWESOME! That Alice Springs Chicken is soooo good every single time and then with the desert… ooh wee! Not to mention, the manager gave us free soup and orangeade. I should’ve taken pictures but I ate it too fast! After lunch, we went home and had a good ole nap… all three of us. Overall, the day was great!

Buttt baby had a slight fever and then he woke up really sick! We took him to the emergency room for them to tell us that his fever had actually gone away, but he has swollen tonsils and ear canals. It was sad to see baby all sick. He fought through it though and is much better now.
This actually starts me to thinking about how I need to post some info about baby’s eczema. His condition has improved so much! It’s right in time for our vacation home to America. Whoop Whoop!

Until next time…

My Pregnancy Vlog

I keep saying I’m going to start back blogging… well I’m seriously now! I’m going to set aside a certain amount of time each week to blogging. I would get back into vlogging, but I think that will have to wait. I’ll probably end up doing that again when we change countries or during my next pregnancy.

Anyway, this particular entry is about my pregnancy vlog. Just in case you missed it, I video blogged during most of my pregnancy here in Korea. I also have my birth video, but haven’t posted it yet.

It was a great experience! My grandma, granddaddy, and youngest sister ended up coming over a few days before my due date. And they were just in time because he was born on his due date! I wanted to share it to show everyone that it’s not hard to be pregnant and have a baby overseas. I would choose to have my second baby in this country, too, but we will see 😉

Here’s the link to my Youtube channel. Oh and FYI, there aren’t any photos of baby on there… we have limited his exposure to social media.

Pregnancy Vlog- Pregnant in Korea

Photo credit goes to my good friend, Peter Burns of Burns Photography! He is our family photographer here in Korea.

Getting Back Into Blogging

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I’ve posted on here… whomp whomp. I thought I would post so much once I started butttt I guess I got distracted or something! Anyway, here I go again. Back into blogging. Back into recording my experiences over here. I feel like this time I have so much more to talk about though. So consider this a second introduction! I will be sharing my experiences as a mom, wife, and teacher in Korea. My lil’ man will start daycare next month and I will start work in March. Oh and we will move into a new apartment next month too.

Soooo be on the lookout for new posts coming soon… and be sure to leave a comment :) Oh and here’s a random pic of DooBoo.