Me on a Super Cold Snow Day

It’s sooo cold…

The weather decided to be rainy last night… And then the rain froze and turned into ice. And then it decided to snow. And then the temperature dropped, making it colder. And then I took a pic (before my hands froze because I lost one

First Scarft Crochet Project

I’m a Crochet Queen Now!

So now I’m a Crochet Queen! Not really, but now I have a new hobby. I chose to do a scarf for Baby as my first project. We went to this nice little knitting store/cafe (which I will eventually take a picture of because it’s

Out and about on Halloween night in Korea

Halloween in Korea

So this year for Halloween was kind of simple. I didn’t do much at school.. my coteacher was kind of a “joy kill” when I told her my Halloween activity ideas so we ended up doing a PPT game and some coloring sheets. Next year,

Yummy Kebab in Ansan, South Korea (half eaten)

Kebabs in Ansan, Korea

So we had these super yummy kebabs the other night. Like soooo good. And I probably say that about a lot of food, but seriously the kebabs were so freakin’ good! And the men were so nice. They told us about their culture and a

sidewalk art in korea

Something Interesting…

Every now and then, I see something that makes me love being in another country. It’s usually not a big deal… just something small that makes me think “Yep, that happened.” For your viewing pleasure… Anyway, I saw this and immediately had to take a

Sports' Day in Korea

Sports’ Day

Today was Sports’ Day at my school. I’ve never actually had the pleasure of witnessing a Sports’ Day since I’ve been in Korea so I was super excited when I had the chance to take part in this one. Let me just say this… it

Letter from Student on Teachers' Day

Teachers’ Day in Korea

So Teachers’ Day was May 15 here in Korea. It wasn’t my first Teacher’s Day but it was much better than any of the others. At my first job, I was thinking about when I was going to leave so I wasn’t worried about Teachers’